Trip program:
                 Day 1- Tashkent
    -Arrival to Tashkent , meeting by English speaking guide, transfer to hotel, accommodation       (previous half night is booked for early check in) 
             Day 2- Bukhara
     -Morning transfer to airport for flight to Bukhara, arrival, accommodation in hotel. 
     - Sightseeing in Bukhara: trip to seven sacred places (Abdulhaliq Gijduvani, Xuja Orif Revgariy, Rometani, Fagnavi, Boboi Samosi, Sayyid mir Kulol, Nakshbandi)

     -Lunch in a local restaurant(Uzbek cousine) 
     -Free packing
     -Back to the hotel
            Day 3- Bukhara
     - Continue of sightseeing: Samani mausoleum (9-10c)-vault of Bukhara rulers' dynasty, Chor-Minor, Chashma-Ayub Mausoleums (14 c), Ark Fortress (16c) and Bolo-Hauz complex (18 c), Poyi-Kalon ensemble including Minaret (12c) & Mosque (15c), functioning Madrassah Miri-Arab (16 c), Amir-Alim-Khan Madrassah (14c), Taqi (trading domes).

 Image result for pictures of bukhara
Image result for pictures of bukhara

     -Lunch in a local restaurant
     -After lunch continue of sightseeing: Kukeldash Madrassah (16c), Lyab-i-Hauz (17c), Nadir Divanbegi (17c), Magoki Attari (16c), Ulug Beg (15c) & Abdul Aziz (17c) Madrassahs


  - Evening transfer to Samarkand
            Day 4- Samarkand
     - Breakfast in the hotel
     - Sightseeing tour in Samarkand: Registan Square, Guri-Amir Complex, Bibikhanum Mosque


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    -Lunch in a local restaurant
     -Continue of sightseeing : Shakhi Zinda Necropolis, Ulugbek Observatory 
     -Dinner at the local restaurant. 

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    -Back to the hotel
          Day 5- Khiva
    - After breakfast transfer to Khiva, known as the ancient town frozen in time for it's lovely architecture and individual style. Full day in transfer with stop on the way at local chaykhana for picnic lunch. Opportunity to take pictures of the Amu- Darya river. Upon arrival in Khiva accommodation and free time for resting after the long day of driving. 
         Day 6- Khiva
     -Full day sightseeing tour in Ichan Kala (inside the walls) part of the town. Legend has it that Khiva was founded when Shem, son of Noah, discovered a well here. The town certainly existed by the 8th Century, as a minor fort and trading post on a Silk Road branch to the Caspian Sea and the Volga. In the early 16th century, Khiva was made capital of the Timurid Empire, becoming a busy slave market and pivot of the khanate for the next three centuries. Until Russia finally wrested the region from Timurid grasp in the 19th century, even the boldest hearts feared encounters with these fierce tribesmen and their desert territory. Khiva is an ancient walled city and looks much like it did in centuries past. It is one of the few sites in Central Asia where one can easily imagine life during the time of the emirates. We will spend the morning wandering its maze of ruins and great mosques. Later, a tour of this living museum including the Ichon-Qala gates, Muhammad Amin and Rakhim Khan’s Medressas, Tosh-Khovli Palace, Islom-Huja Medressa and Minaret. 
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       -Dinner will be served at the hotel
           Day7- Tashkent
       - transfer to the Tashkent